Private Training 

1 player 
Take advantage of our 1on1 personal training. This form of training will allow us to focus solely on the needs of the individual player while using the entire ice sheet to their advantage. 

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(Founding Hockey Members 20% off)

2-6 players 
2-6 players. Enjoy training with your friends and teammates while pushing each other to become better players. During the hour session, you have the private use of the entire ice sheet. Our tailored coaching approach gives each player new challenges every day.

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2 players: $110 each
3 players: $90 each
4 players: $80 each
5 players: $70 each
6 players: $60 each
(Founding Hockey Members 20% off)

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Pricing varies upon checkout.

Goalie Training

We are proud to have built a partnership with the Goalie Dr. They will be hosting small group lessons in our building. If you are a goalie looking for extra training and development check out the link below and find out when they will be in our building!

Ice rentals

At Elite Edge we can offer you our ice rink for your personal team practices, events or birthday parties. Call for more information.

Summer Group Training 

Summer is a crucial time for hockey players to develop their strength, speed, and skill. We always think there is more time to prepare than there actually is so sign up before it’s too late!

These groups will be limited to 6 players a group and we are offering 2-12 week signup sessions. For these groups you will have a set schedule for on ice and off ice workouts, helping each athlete to build a routine and regiment that allows growth both on and off the ice. Times for these groups will take place in the mornings. The longer the sign up the longer you hold your place in the group due to limited space! 

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Pro Package:
This is for junior, college and pro level players (includes 3 skates and 5 workouts per week).

College Package 
This is for Bantam and Midget. (includes 2 skates and 4 workouts per week).

Prep Package
This is for peewees. (includes 2 skates and 3 workouts per week)

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