At Elite Edge, our players receive the same level of training that can be expected at junior, prep, division one, and professional hockey programs. The coaching staff at Elite Edge has learned what works and what doesn’t in the development of young athletes. Our approach to our on-ice sessions is to provide the athlete with the attention needed to reach personal performance goals. The fast pace on ice sessions prepare players both physically and mentally to meet the expectations of the next level of play.

Our division one and professional drills are designed to simulate games and take players out of their comfort zones. The game of hockey is a competitive one but we believe that confidence and the process of development is what makes it all worthwhile.

Elite Edge aims to give our young players improved confidence upon departure from our facility. The goal is to provide them with a greater skill set and an even deeper appreciation for the game. 

Here are some of the skills that we teach all of our players, including both our forwards and defensemen: 

  • Skating (edge work, acceleration, power, stride)
  • Shooting (accuracy, power, release, deception, technique)
  • Stick handling (quickness, deception)
  • Passing 
  • Game awareness (hockey IQ)
  • Positioning (offensively/defensively) 

We offer Private, Summer Group and Team training packages, all of which start at reasonable rates. Routine in everyone’s life is important but especially when it comes to preparation in athletics.  We have tailored all of our group skates and workouts to specific ages so that players are helping one another prepare and push each other for the upcoming season. There is limited space per group, so sign up now. The time is now and the clock is ticking!