Become a student of the game

At Elite Edge, we strive to find innovative ways to help players that walk through our doors both on and off the ice. Coach Chris and Larry are here to help you not just be a player of the game but to become a student of the game. Chris and Larry have the ability to sit down with you in person or via zoom as they will help breakdown your individual game film, shift by shift, and help you develop better in game habits! Take ownership of your game and be the best prepared player on the ice and off the ice.

Areas of Focus

  • Offensive/Neutral/Defensive Zone Positioning
  • Stick Positioning
  • Face off Breakdown
  • Puck protection/Body positioning
  • Situational Awareness
  • Work Ethic
  • Accountability


At Elite Edge we believe preparation and consistency is the key to success on and off the ice. Our goal when sitting down and looking through game film for individual players is to help them become not just a player but a student of the game. We will continue to help players build their confidence by helping see and break bad habits and improving upon their strengths.

You wouldn’t show up to the class room unprepared not ready to take a test; why show up to the rink feeling unprepared if you don’t have to! Be elite and take the edge by taking advantage of our video analysis opportunities with Coach Chris and Coach Larry.


For more information on pricing, the process, and to become a student of the game contact Chris McCarthy directly or Larry Barretta directly via email at or