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At Elite Edge, we provide an evidence-based training model to all personal training clients. This model is driven by three principles, all with the purpose of making you a better athlete. 

Function First– Functional movement is the foundation of injury prevention and performance. If a client is unable to move properly due to dysfunction or asymmetry, performance will be stunted and the risk of injury will dramatically increase.

Comprehensive Approach– A quality strength and conditioning program is much more than just lifting weights. Although, functional strength training is a critical component of all successful programs, a comprehensive approach is necessary in order to reach maximal results. Mobility, corrective exercise, power/speed/agility, skill development, proper nutrition, adequate sleep and hydration are all key factors. 

Stress Related Program Design– It is crucial that a training program aligns with individual goals. Clients often lose sight of why they dedicate so much time and effort to training by focusing far too much on ego driven numbers. Although noticeable strength gains in the weight room are a welcomed result of physical development, the ultimate goal of a program should be to maximize performance, reach personal goals and prevent injury. Every second of every session should have a specific purpose that is in-line with these objectives.


As mentioned before, each individual gets a customized program based off of the initial performance assessment. Each custom program will use a 3-PHASE STRESS ADAPTION MODEL (green, yellow and red phase). Therefore, each training session we will begin with a CNS stress test which will be compared to the same test you performed in your initial performance assessment. This will allow us to take into account the individuals physical demands of the week and also their individual stress levels which ALL can effect performance.

 By using our systems in place, the professional will be able to modify the workout of the day by decreasing volume or switching to a less complicated exercise based on which of the 3 phases the athlete is in.


  • An individualized athletic performance assessment
  • Supervision and consultation by a Doctor of Chiropractic Sports Medicine 
  • Collaboration and creation of custom programs [trainer/ coach/ doctor] using our 3-Phase Stress Adaption Model 
  • Ongoing supervision, education, program updates, and assessment.
  • A customized training program and training frequency depending on in/off season and athletes CNS stress level response for that day. 

Training sessions are by appointment only. Length depends on training goal and typically last from 45-60 min. All workouts are supervised under the instruction of a certified professional with an athlete to coach ratio no greater than 5:1.

Sports Performance Training Services

4x/ week- Advanced Off-Season Training
Practice/ Games 0-2 days/ week

3x/ week- Off-Season Training
Practice/ Games 1-3 days/ week

2x/ week- In-Season Training/ Maintenance
Practice/ Games 3-4 days/ week

1x/ week- In-Season Maintenance
Practice/ Games 4-6 days/ week

Group Training (2-5 athletes)
Semi-private training provides all of the personalized benefits of one-on-one personal training at a fraction of the cost. Sports performance and fitness clients begin by going through an evaluation and consultation to determine their current fitness levels, health and training history, as well as specific goals. Our professionals will then customize a training program based off that information and limit the scheduling of clients to a 5:1 trainer to client ratio. This provides proper supervision, instruction and motivation throughout each training session. You can start at any time based upon your availability and schedule. Schedule workouts with friends, teammates or other individuals with similar training goals in mind. Push one another to your limits while working closely with our professional staff!

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Monthly price varies based on weekly attendance package.
$115 – $320 per/month
(Gym Founding Members 15% off all packages)

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1 on 1 Private Sessions:
With our one-on-one training programs, clients are encouraged to work hard while keeping a close eye on form and proper movement patterns. In a private session, this allows the trainer to fully customize and track your workouts, to focus on individual goals and to make any necessary modifications that come up along the way.

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Monthly price varies based on weekly attendance package.
$360 – $1,073 per/month
(Gym Founding Members 15% off all packages)

HIIT Training Classes:
HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. In these classes, you will experience a fun, challenging and motivating atmosphere that pushes you out of your comfort zone. Appropriate for women, men and all ages, whether you’re in top shape or just starting to workout, this class will challenge you.

HIIT training uses repeated bouts of high intensity effort followed by varied recovery times to keep your body guessing about what is coming next. This type of training is accomplished by using body weight, resistance bands, free weights, medicine balls and many other pieces of equipment at our state-of-the-art performance center. Come ready to work!

We offer unlimited monthly packages along with drop in rates for these classes. Gym Founding Membership applies to the monthly package

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