Our Mission

Every day we strive to assist our patients return to optimal physical health and wellness, insuring the greatest improvement in their overall quality of life. We aim to inspire our patients to attain or exceed their rehabilitation goals. Our success is measured by our client’s total satisfaction in the level of improvement they are able to achieve.

Our Treatment Model

We provide professional and compassionate treatment backup by a patient-centered approach that is unique in health care. The focus is on YOU! You are not just a number here. Our therapists are not driven by company set quotas they need to meet each day and month, but rather are given the freedom to treat each patient in a private one-on-one session for the entire hour. This insures you receive the best possible skilled care and not some cookie cutter rehab program yelled across a crowded room like so many other places.

Treatments are manual therapy based (hands-on), plus guided functional and restorative exercises. Research has shown this treatment approach to be the most effective for optimizing your recovery in an efficient and timely manner.

There are no PT aides or support staff that assist in treatments – you will only see the licensed therapist during each visit.

This approach allows us to get the optimal results for you. More than half of our new patients come from prior patients and friend / family referrals. We strongly believe this means we are earning patients’ trust and providing a valued service beyond other therapy providers.

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